Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Laundry Heap Batman!!!

O.K., this is not my heap of laundry. Mine looked about 10 times worse than this photo! What might cause me to lag behind so terribly in my daily laundry duties you might ask? Three sick children. Ryan, Emma and Avery all had a version of the nasty Rotavirus this past week but it hit especially over this weekend. Avery has been out of school since last week but we just thought she might be getting her two-year molars and had a little headcold. Then Thursday I pick Emma up from school to find out she has been hit with something and then Ryan started vomiting.

No big deal. We've been through this before. But then Michael takes off with a friend for Asheville Friday afternoon to attend a Black Keys concert and leaves me at home. Alone. With three children. One of which gets sicker and sicker as the night progresses.

I had just tucked the kids in for the night on Friday after reading books, brushing teeth and the whole drill. Everything was going as planned. I retired downstairs and poured myself a glass of white wine and flipped on "Super Nanny." About 20 minutes later I hear a little voice from upstairs. I quietly climb up the stairs listening. It is Emma singing in her little voice about whatever comes to mind all in the tune of the "ABC Song." I finally go in to investigate what is keeping her up so late and sure enough, she has had a nasty blow out. So I get her all changed and back to bed when Ryan starts yelling from his room in distress.

He is not feeling well and has already thrown up all over his bed. So I get him changed, his linens changed and am hoping for a happy ending at this point. But that is not to be. He throws up all night and into the morning. He did not fall asleep for good until 6:30 a.m. Shortly after my head finally hit the pillow, Emma was up for the day! I will not repeat what was going on in my head when thoughts of my husband came to mind. Let's just say he has a lot of making up to do!

Luckily, Ryan's illness went away by Saturday and things are starting to look up. Except for my huge laundry pile that is!

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