Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter Sunday

Last Easter post, I promise! We had a quiet Easter Sunday at home this year. We woke up early as the kids raced downstairs to see if the Easter bunny had stopped by and left them anything.

Everyone's Easter baskets were full and the kids enjoyed looking at their newest gifts and searching for eggs that had been carefully hidden around the house.

Eden enjoyed her basket full of bibs and new teething toys!

The kids on the race to see who could find the most eggs...

Emma and her Easter basket of goodies.

We then got ready and went to Easter Mass. After church I made the family suffer through a few minutes of pictures out front.

It was then time to change, nap (for some of us) and begin preparations for a tasty Easter lunch.

We had a yummy meal of Honeybaked Ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and strawberries.

Because you can never have too many Easter egg hunts - right?!? - we then brought the kids down to the neighborhood pool area for a neighborhood egg hunt later that afternoon. The kids enjoyed socializing with their friends and getting out of the house for bit.

Preschool Easter Parties

Both girls had Easter parties in their preschool classes before the weekend holiday. Emma's 4-year-old class made Resurrection Eggs this year which helps explain the meaning of Easter. You can read about them here if you are not familiar with them.

Avery's class held an Easter egg hunt so she was busy digging into her candy when Emma got into the car to leave school. That made for a fun few moments when Emma was distraught that she did not receive any Easter candy. Avery made things nice by sharing all of her candy with Emma.

Church Easter Egg Hunt

O.K. - I know it is now way past Easter but I am finally getting these pictures posted! At least it will make me feel a little better since I still have Easter decorations up at my house. Scratch that - now I feel worse!

Anyway, every year our church does an Easter egg hunt for the children and they really do a nice job with it. There is always plenty of eggs and candy for everyone and even the Easter bunny puts in an appearance.

Avery and Emma scoping out the eggs before the hunt begins.

Emma off collecting eggs...

Avery with her stash....

They even handed out special bunny masks for the children.

After the hunt, I rounded up the kids and tried to get them all looking at the camera for a group picture. This was the best of about twenty shots I took!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dance recital costumes

It's recital time again and the girls made their recital pictures two weeks ago. So this time around I got to make both girls beautiful with styled hair and makeup! The picture above was taken after we got hair and makeup done and we were off to the dance studio.

Once we got there, Emma and Avery changed into their ballet costumes.

Emma's classic ballet costume...

And Avery's ballet costume...

After those pictures were made it was time to change again into the tap costumes. Emma's tap costume this year is a sailing or cruising theme I think.

And I'm not really sure what is going on here but you can tell Avery takes her dancing very seriously - ha!

I had to add this one too - she is such a ham!

Their dance recital is going to be held on Saturday, May 22nd. Everyone is invited to come out and watch. It should be entertaining as always!

Pinewood Derby Day

Ryan's Boy Scout troop held their annual Pinewood Derby Race a few weeks ago. Michael and Ryan worked together to create this year's racing masterpiece...

The morning of the event, we all showed up to cheer on Ryan's car. They race each car several times to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance.

Ryan's car is off!

You can see that it was a tight race each time he ran. His car won one race but unfortunately, lost the remaining races. I'm sure Michael will be researching ways to make the car go even faster next year!

I'm back!

Wow! After taking off a month from blogging due to our computer being racked with a virus and a slow restart once getting it back...here I am.

I have so many pictures to share from Ryan's Pinewood Derby, Easter and Spring Break so I'll try and get things posted fairly quickly.

It's good to be back!