Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We scream for Krispy Kreme!

We have a new Krispy Kreme factory location that just opened up right down the street from us! How I LOVE hot Krispy Kremes, however, my waistline is getting worse by the week thanks to the boxes of donuts we have been getting.

Although Eden is not yet old enough to enjoy the perfection of a hot Krispy Kreme it is never too early to get her to show her love for the donuts!

You can just tell by her expression that she will be a big fan in another eight months or so (can you believe I don't remember when babies start eating table food!?! - so sad).

Cousin time!

The weekend of September 19 & 20 was a busy one for us. We had lots of family come into town, especially on Sunday, to help us celebrate the baptism of Eden and Jordan. Jordan is my sister Katey's new baby girl and she was born exactly one week after Eden.

Katey, her husband, Eric and their four kids, Hannah, Luke, Simon and Jordan stopped by to visit for a few hours Saturday afternoon and the kids enjoyed some cousin time together.

Ryan and Hannah playing out in the back yard...

Cutie Simon digging into some snacks...

And the many cousins enjoying dinner together...

I snapped this picture of little Jordan swinging and thought is was so cute with her bundled in her baby sling.

We, unfortunately, don't live close enough to my sister's family to get together very often so it is always lots of fun when we can catch up and our kids love spending time with their cousins!

Lexington FunFest Art Festival

Every year, the town of Lexington puts on the FunFest, which is basically a small carnival type of event with rides, food, music, etc. In conjunction with the festival, they hold an art festival and contest a few days before the festival begins and showcase local elementary students artwork.

This year, a piece of Ryan's artwork from last year in 1st grade was selected for the contest and display at our town hall. Although he did not win for his grade level, he received a nice certificate and we were proud that he was selected to participate in the art show.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eden is two months!

Eden is two months old today! It was a very exciting day for her as she had her 2 month appointment with the doctor and the pleasure of receiving three shots. She HATED the shots today and screamed like I have never heard her before, poor thing!

We put on her very special dress that Aunt Kassi made for her as baptismal present (she was baptized last Sunday and I will eventually get some pictures of the event out here.) Isn't the dress beautiful?!? I am amazed about such talent - thank you Aunt Kassi for the very beautiful dress!

I had ordered this white organza bow for her baptism and although I was looking for something biggish - this bow was much larger than I had bargained for! So I thought we'd try it out today and let everyone have a good laugh at her oversized bow. It's bigger than her head! It would look appropriate if she were dressed like a Christmas present.

Anyway, the details about Eden at two months...She weighs in now at a healthy (or hefty) 12.28 lbs and is in the 85.99% for her age. She is 23.25 inches in length and again leads the pack of baby girls by falling in at 83.3%. Her head circumference is where we need to work (I kid of course). She is in the 33.84% since her head is only 15 inches in circumference. It's interesting to compare each of the children in our family though. Avery's head circumference was always in the huge category!

Eden continues to be such a sweet baby and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pretty in pink (and brown)

I am soooo behind on my family updates. I've got pictures probably dating back to two weeks ago now that I still want to post. And I will try and get them up as I have some free time, which hasn't been much lately.

However, I took some pictures of Eden today after one of her many fussy periods and wanted to get these out while I was thinking about it. Tomorrow will be Eden's two month birthday. It is hard to believe two months have already flown by!

She is smiling a good bit now although she was not about to cooperate with me while I was taking these pictures. She is also moving around some. Last night she managed to flip herself sideways and almost over while laying on the ottoman (I was right next to her of course.)

I'll be anxious to see how much she weighs in at now and how she measures up to other babies her age - sounds a bit competitive doesn't it!?!

On a completely different subject, is anyone else as excited as I am for the premiere of FlashForward, the new television show starting tomorrow night? What happens when the whole world simultaneously blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds? I can't wait!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family photo

In the beginning of every preschool year Emma is asked to bring in a family photo for a project as the children get to know each other. So every year we have to set up the tripod, the timer and hope for the best as we try to take a family photo.

Last night we posed for our group shot since the photo had to be turned in by today (my timing is always right on!) and this is what we came up with. Not too bad considering I had to set the camera timer and then dodge ferns to take place behind everyone while juggling a hungry screaming baby!

Thank goodness we don't have to do that again for another year!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Callawassie Island

This past weekend we took a short trip to spend some time with my parents at Callawassie Island. My husband took these beautiful nature photographs while we were there...

We had a very enjoyable time over at their home. It always has a very relaxful, vacation feel in their community - not something I usually feel at my house!

Waiting on Grandma and Grandpa to visit the pool nearby...

Michael and the kids entertained themselves with a game of Candyland.

We made it to the pool and it was such a gorgeous day - not too hot or humid. The kids spent the afternoon swimming around.

Ryan enjoyed playing with Grandpa...

Avery just floated around the pool by herself with her floaties. The child has NO fear of water.

After the pool time we came back to my parent's home and you can see, Eden was just worn out. It is hard work napping in the shade near the pool for several hours.

She did eventually wake up though.

The girls played with Play-Doh on the back porch.

Ryan, Michael and my dad ventured off to the dock to set the bait in their crab trap.

Ryan got a big kick out of this and was very proud that he helped set the bait.

My dad called later to let Ryan know that they had caught five blue crabs with the bait. We are so glad we were able to spend time with my parents and had such a nice visit. They are always the perfect hosts!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Once upon a preschool

Preschool has begun! As much as I have been looking forward to the three older children attending school at the same time to give me some down time, I failed to realize it would require me to give up even more sleep. Oh well - the price for freedom three hours at a time!

Emma started preschool yesterday and had a terrific first day. Avery joined her sister today and went for the first time. She will be going Tuesday - Thursday mornings.

Here are a few pictures I snapped as the girls walked into preschool today...

Emma also started Lunch Bunch today and gets to bring her lunch twice a week and stay an extra hour longer. Avery's group will begin Lunch Bunch next week.

Emma standing outside her new classroom on her first day.

Avery outside of her classroom this morning.

Avery was very excited to be there and barely took time to say goodbye to me this morning. She has come such a long way from standing at the door last year and crying for hours!