Friday, March 29, 2013

Disney on Ice "Dare to Dream" Coming to Columbia!

Disney on Ice is coming back to Columbia! Beginning Thursday, April 11th through Sunday, April 14th your family has the opportunity to check out the latest Disney ice show called "Dare to Dream" at the Colonial Life Arena.

The show features everyone's favorite Disney princesses including Tangled's Rapunzel and her friends Flynn and Maximus, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog, and even the classic Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Opening night tickets are being offered at a special low price of $15.00. Tickets can be purchased online through the Colonial Life Arena or by calling (803) 576-9200.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bring Your Baby to the Movies - April 2nd

I have just learned about The Bump and AMC Theatres' "Bring Your Baby Matinees". On the first Tuesday of every month, a different movie is featured in a baby-friendly environment. That means the theatre provides:

  • Breastfeeding-friendly atmosphere
  • Brighter lights and lower volume
  • Stress-free environment
  • Stroller parking
  • Crying babies allowed!

The AMC Dutch Square 14 Theatre provides this opportunity for moms in the Columbia area. The next movie showing will the "The Host" at 1:35 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2nd. Check out the trailer for "The Host". Part of ticket sales benefit the Will Rogers Institute.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guess Who is 2?!?

Delaney Kate's 2nd birthday was celebrated on Friday, March 22nd with a woodland gnome theme. We made felt gnome hats, hershey kiss acorns and decorated with a mish mash of felt and ribbon streamers (more pics to come).

She enjoyed celebrating with her good friend Emily and the rest of our families that evening!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make-up Day

So...I am at the very end of this pregnancy and as anyone who has been pregnant knows, it is no fun at the end. It has been more than a little uncomfortable lately and of course, life doesn't let up so one can rest and relax.

I don't mean to complain, I feel very blessed to be carrying this little girl and I don't take it for granted. However, it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud right now.

Avery managed to accomplish that task last night and I knew if I didn't write it down here I would probably forget it. I was taking Avery to dance class last night and as we were driving there she started asking me about her school make-up day this Friday.

Since the kids missed a week of elementary school and preschool during our snow event a while back, we now have three days to make-up and the first of those three is this Friday. Generally, preschools do not have make-up days but I guess because they lost a week of school they decided to add days to the schedule.

Avery does not normally have preschool on Fridays so this Friday is her first make-up day. I have been explaining this to her this week since it is out of the ordinary.

Avery's question as we drove to dance class: "Mommy, what kind of make-up do I get to wear on Friday?"

Me: "What are you talking about Avery?"

"Do I get to wear your make-up or do I get my own make-up?"

I finally made the connection (pregnancy brain) and started laughing. I then, of course, had to try to explain what "make-up" meant in this scenario.

She was a little disappointed that she didn't actually get to wear make-up but handled it very maturely!

Emma's 6th birthday

Emma's 6th birthday was March 10th and since it fell on a school night we kept things quiet that evening. I made her favorite dinner (lasagna) and she opened gifts and enjoyed some cake and ice cream.

On Saturday, she chose to go have her nails done so Avery, Emma and I ventured over to Snip-its, a new children's hair salon and spa.

The girls got to lounge on their own special chairs while the nail techs got busy on their finger and toenails. It was so funny watching because they did everything like you would normally receive when getting a manicure or pedicure. They soaked their hands and feet, rubbed them down with lotion, filed and painted. Of course the girls picked their own paint colors - fluorescent pink for Avery and a silver sparkle paint for Emma!

That evening Emma got to choose where she wanted to dine out and of course our kid's favorite won out again - Fatz Cafe! So we had an early dinner and then came home for round two of cake and ice cream.

Overall, I think she had a good birthday. Thank you to everyone that sent a gift and called to wish her a happy birthday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Every year around Valentine's Day, our library holds a "Daddy/Daughter Dance" fundraiser event. Last year was Emma's first year to attend, and this year Avery was able to attend as well. So Michael had two special dates for the evening!

The girls got so excited to get dressed up and ready for the dance. We make a big deal about it and curl their hair, wear special dresses, buy corsages and apply a little lip gloss.

They generally know quite a few other little girls at the event and have a terrific time dancing the evening away. According to Michael, he didn't get much of a break from the dance floor! As I keep reminding him, in another few years he'll have four special little girls to escort to the dance!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Tooth Fairy is on her way...

Guess who lost her first tooth!?! Emma has had a baby tooth hanging on (barely) for the past several days now. Although all of us offered to pull it for her, she sternly refused. Miraculously, last night while she was sleeping it fell out by itself and miraculously, she did not swallow it or lose it.

So tonight will be Emma's first visit from the Tooth Fairy. Needless to say, she is very excited!