Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes It's Worth Complaining

This past Valentine's Day my lovely husband decided to break his own rule about buying overpriced flowers for the occasion and had a dozen roses delivered via Fed Ex. It just isn't romantic until you have to upwrap each flower and piece of greenery one by one and arrange the flowers yourself! I'm just kidding. The flowers were a very nice surprise and obviously many of the on-line flower businesses ship their arrangements this way so that everything makes it in one piece.

So I got all of the flowers arranged in the vase that came packed separately from each of the flowers and called Michael to thank him. When he got home that evening, he was a little disappointed to see what he had spent his money on since many of the flowers were already drooping and one looked like something you send to someone on their 40th birthday.

So he called ProFlowers and explained his disappointment in the quality. They immediately sent out another package that I received a few days later. Only this time, I got to unwrap 24 individual roses and greenery stems. It seriously took me at least 45 minutes to an hour to get everything unwrapped, trimmed and in water. You can see from this photo that the time was well worth it - the flowers are really gorgeous and are still holding up for the most part. I was able to donate the first round to Emma and Avery's rooms which always thrills Emma. She loves having fresh flowers in her bedroom.

And the bottom line is...always complain if you are not happy about something. It'll make you feel better and most of the time, businesses will do their best to make up for their mistakes.

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