Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do I Dare Bring Out the Sewing Machine?

I don't know if it is because the dress has the color orange in it (go Clemson!) or if it is the little birds on the fabric at the bottom, but I love this little pillowcase style dress I saw on Etsy.

The interesting thing is that the seller is not making this dress in completion, instead she is selling it as a do-it-yourself kit. The kit comes with everything you need including precut pieces, designer fabric, grosgrain ribbon, thread, and easy to follow instructions. It says it, "Arrives ready to start sewing."

And for $15, that seems a very fair price for this adorable summer dress. But I am pretty sure it means sewing while using a sewing machine and not hand stitching and this is where I am stumped.

I own a sewing machine. It has been sitting in our attic for the past four years or so. Years ago I had decided I was going to learn how to sew and create all of the gorgeous window dressings for our home. My neighbor even came over and spent time giving me the low-down on how it all works. But when left alone, I couldn't even figure out how to thread the thing.

But this dress has brought the forgotten sewing machine out of the very edge of my memory, and I am considering purchasing this kit and trying to learn how to sew once again.

Hmmm, what to do!!! Does anybody else sew? Is there a sewing machine for dummies? I'm going to think about this. When I finish with the dress kit, it may look nothing like this lovely sample shown.

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