Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Peak at Baby #4

I had my first ultrasound done on Tuesday morning and was able to get my first glimpse of our newest family member. The above ultrasound picture is a profile view of baby #4 from the side. It was the best shot of the bunch (I also have fabulous pictures of an arm, leg, etc. -how exciting!)

As fantastic as it is to finally see the little one moving, I must say the 3-D ultrasound that was done with one of Avery's ultrasounds produced much better photographs!

The good news is that everything looks good and the baby appears healthy. Unfortunately, the baby was sitting Indian-style and the technician was unable to see all of the spine or make out the gender (which wasn't a problem for us since we do not want to know the sex of the baby.) I will get to have another ultrasound done on my next visit in a month to get a better view of the spine. I am hoping maybe I can snag a few more good shots of the baby at the same time!

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