Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Schlotzskys cravings and 100th post

I really don't remember having crazy cravings of particular food items with my past pregnancies. During my pregnancy with Avery, I developed gestational diabetes so I didn't have the opportunity to crave much of anything.

Now that I think about it...I do remember a visit to the Upstate where we purchased a Styrofoam cooler and stocked up on Skins Hotdogs during my first pregnancy with Ryan. I brought them home to Columbia and put them in the freezer. They actually microwaved up pretty well! But it wasn't a regular weekly type of thing.

Lately I have been horrible. I've been hitting up Schlotzsky's Deli twice a week to enjoy one of their tasty Mediterranean pizzas or a chicken sandwich on sourdough bread! What makes it extra horrible is that the staff now knows me personally.

When I pulled through the drive-through today, the cashier said, "You are going to turn into a sandwich!" I explained that I was pregnant and he better get used to seeing me every few days. At least things clicked then because he smiled, nodded and continued his personal story of when his wife was pregnant. I guess she craved Moes nachos with a side of spicy ranch sauce.

I found this particularly funny since one of Michael's favorite eateries is Moes Southwest Grill (I don't particularly care for it.) I teased Michael just the other day saying that, "Schlotzsky's was my Moes." I'm pretty sure if he were pregnant, he'd be munching down on those "Homewrecker" burritos every chance he got. Wouldn't that be a fascinating sight!

On a side note, this is my 100th post! Yea!!!!!

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