Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Emma's dance recital

Emma has been taking dance all year at Stepping Out dance studio in Lexington. The studio's dance recital was Saturday with rehearsal held on Friday. Since she has been taking a combination class - ballet, tumbling and tap - she participated in two different dance numbers (one tap and one ballet).

Emma's dance class performed their tap routine to the song "Lollipop." Here they are ready and waiting backstage to perform.

Their costumes were so cute!

Since we were not able to take any flash photography during the recital, I took a few pictures at rehearsal. Here is Emma's group performing their tap dance.

Emma is the third one from the left.

Doing their dance train...

By the time "Lollipop" was over, it was time to change and take a short intermission. After intermission, we went backstage again and prepared for the second number, "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
These costumes were sweet too! You can see the little tail peaking out from behind!

Here they are again in practice performing their ballet routine. Emma is third from the right this time.

She was absolutely fine during both routines in rehearsal and even on the big recital day she did a great job in her first routine.

Somewhere after the first dance she started to get very tired and was getting antsy waiting around to perform the second dance. She began the second dance fine, but then I made the mistake of waving to her (we were in the third row) and she saw me and started to cry.

Unfortunately, she cried through the second part of the ballet routine! I felt very bad for her and felt guilty about waving. Next time I need to remember to sit back further and hide! Oh well!
At the end of the recital they gave out certificates, ribbons and trophies for those who have met certain goals. Emma received her certificate and ribbon for completing her first year of dance.

Papa and Nana joined us for the recital, so afterwards we let Emma choose where she would like to go eat for lunch. I had been asking her for several days before the recital and she always changed restaurants, but she decided she would like to go eat on the lake and see the boats (we have been talking about doing this for awhile.)

We had a great lunch at Dockside Restaurant at Lake Murray Marina and then headed home. You can see Emma with her beautiful flowers in the picture above. Papa and Nana gave her an exquisite bouquet of pink roses that she is enjoying in her bedroom now.

I took video of the dances as well so we'll see if I can figure out how to upload them in the next day or two.

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