Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend recap

This weekend was a busy one spent mostly out and about with the kids.

Friday we spent the morning running around completing errands with the girls while Ryan was in school. After school let out, we took all three kids to the new Monkey Joes down the road. We got there at a great time because it wasn't crowded at all. The kids had a good time jumping, playing, eating ice cream and Michael and I were able to somewhat relax and check e-mail on their available computers.

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day at our local comic book store. They had a variety of superheroes and Star Wars characters on hand to meet and greet with the kids, as well as free comic books for the kids inside the store.

Emma showing off her incredible superhero muscles with Green Lantern and Superman...

Besides the Free Comic Day, we took the kids garage sale shopping which was actually kind of fun. I never thought I would see the day where I would intentionally take all three of them and walk through tables of breakable objects for fun, but I must say, they were all really good.

I scored a Southern Living at Home piece called the Barley Twist Pedestal for $3! It generally retails for around $50 new.

Later Saturday evening, Ryan decided to try out the bass guitar. Michael taught him how to hold the guitar properly and a few chords.

I planted my new spring plants in my planters and hung my ferns on the screened porch. We are also participating in our neighborhood garage sale next weekend so Michael pulled every single one of our storage bins out of the closet so we could clean through and decide what was going to be sold.

I have been frustrated for months now because I knew I had other maternity clothes packed somewhere in this house but couldn't locate them. Believe me, I tried. I went through everything in the garage, seasonal storage and walk-in attic trying to locate the missing clothes.

Michael finally located the bin up on a shelf in the attic and when I opened it and saw my missing maternity clothes - including most of my maternity shorts, my Juicy and Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans and my skirts - it was like Christmas for me! So hurray, I have clothes to take me through the last 3 months of pregnancy!

That sums up our weekend. I am participating in "Tuesday's Blog Party" beginning tomorrow. I am going to try and get another post up later today that will explain in more detail what all will be going on so stay tuned. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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