Monday, June 29, 2009

Our visit to Tweetsie

During our visit to the Blowing Rock, NC area, we spent a day at Tweetsie. Tweetsie is a pretty amusement park nestled in the mountains and is the perfect place to bring young children. They have the Tweetsie Railroad, a historic 3-mile steam railroad, "County Fair" amusement rides, Western themed shows and Deer Park, which has various animals the kids can feed.

Here is a view of the entrance to Tweetsie. Like I mentioned before, the weather was terrific - not too hot - and the park was not very crowded.

There was practically no wait for any of the rides and plenty of room to sit down for the shows.

And they had these horses staged outside the shopping district that the kids loved sitting on.

Deer Park was situated on top of "Miner's Mountain" which was accessible by chair lift, walking trail, or a short bus ride.

The kids each purchased an ice cream cup full of animal food which could then be fed to any of the animals in the park.

Here is a view from the top of Miner's Mountain. Of course you can see the chair lifts going up to the top. Aside from Deer Park, Miner's Mountain had a few more amusement rides, restaurants, gold panning, and shows.

The kids all enjoyed the rides and they were really the perfect age for it all. I think older children would be easily bored with the kiddy rides pretty quickly.

Below the girls went around on the boat ride...

Avery on top of the horse...

We let the kids pick out souvenirs to bring home. The girls opted for small stuffed horses and Ryan, as seen below, opted for a cowboy hat, vest, whip and gun. He had fun getting into shooting matches with other little kids in costume throughout the day.

He liked the jail - in fact, we visited it twice. Is that something we should be worried about!?!

Before lunch, we took the kids to the Palace Saloon for a snack of soda and cotton candy (nothing like a sugar rush before lunch.) They had a can-can girl show that lasted 15 minutes or so that we watched and relaxed during the snack.

Here are the girls getting into a show with music. At one point during the show, all three kids joined the "Locomotion" dance line.

We saved our train ride on Tweetsie for last. Here is Avery on Tweetsie getting ready to take-off.
Needless to say, the kids all loved the amusement park. I don't imagine us going back again (like I said, the park is definitely for younger children), but when we asked the kids their favorite part of the vacation, all three of them quickly answered "Tweetsie!"

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