Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Mirror, Mirror...on the wall"

"Who is the fairest one of all?"

Snow White, of course! Emma's all-time favorite Disney movie and Disney princess is the fair Snow White and it is interesting to see how it has evolved over the years.

Back when she was a little more than 2 maybe she received a box of Disney princess dress-up clothes. The only princess dress she wore around the house was no other than ... Snow White.

The picture above is one of many we have of Emma playing around the house in her Snow White outfit a few years ago.

Which brings us to now...

And what is really interesting is the fact that she had never seen the movie until fairly recently - probably earlier this fall. We have the old out-of-date VHS version of the movie that can only be watched upstairs in our bedroom since it doesn't play very well on our VCR/DVD combo downstairs.

Emma immediately decided she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween and I can say we have fully gotten our monies worth out of that $20.00 costume.

She wears it all of the time. In fact she wears it...EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

That is how much she loves Snow White.

And she knows she looks good in it!!!

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