Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There is nothing like fresh picked strawberries!

Our family made our annual jaunt to the local Strawberry Patch located right outside of Lexington. You can pick your own sweet strawberries (and eat a few along the way) and our kids always seem to enjoy this.

Of course I like to bring along my camera and take pictures!

I know it doesn't look like we are actually picking that many, but I promise - we filled two large baskets full.

We were eating strawberries for several weeks. Luckily my kids LOVE strawberries!

Poor Eden wasn't so into it this year. It's hard when you can't walk or even sit very well on your own.

We might hit up the Strawberry Patch one more time before the season is over and then it is time to get ready for...blueberry picking! Yum!

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