Friday, November 5, 2010

Wingards Hallopalooza

On Saturday, October 30th we went to Wingard's Nursery for their "Hallopalooza." As I had mentioned in an earlier post, Emma's Girl Scout troop made one of the scarecrows for their contest.
Emma posing with her troop's scarecrow...

They also had apple bobbing which each of the kids attempted.

And a train ride...

The train traveled around the nursery grounds and you know how much kids love train rides, so this was a big hit.

All of these activities were free and to top it off, get this...they even provided free lunch! Hot dogs, chips, soda and candy - maybe not the healthiest of meals but did I mention free?

Unfortunately, Emma's troop scarecrow did not win this year but there was some really good entries.

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