Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Avery's 4th birthday

November 7th was Avery's 4th birthday. We generally let the kids choose where they want to go eat for their birthday and a family activity of the their choice. We don't hold big group birthday parties each year, instead we reserve those for "big" number birthdays like turning "1", "5", "10", and so on.

Avery decided she wanted to go eat at Schlotzsky's Deli (a girl after my own heart!) and then go over to Monkey Joes to play for the afternoon.

Eden had a blast at Monkey Joes playing in the toddler area. She loved the bouncy things!

The kids enjoyed ice cream before we headed on home to eat more ice cream!

I attempt to make many of our kids birthday cakes, especially for family birthdays. Obviously it is a lot cheaper and I like the fact that I can buy real toys for the cakes not the cheap stuff they put on bakery cakes. Anyway, my lovely (can you detect a bit of sarcasm there?) Strawberry Shortcake cake...

The birthday girl and her cake...

About to blow out the candles...make a wish!

After opening gifts, Avery was ready to try out her new pink scooter! Avery is already well aware that next year will be a "big number" birthday and she will get to have a party. She has already determined where that party will be held and is informing anyone that will listen that she will be soon turning "5"!

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