Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Book Fair Number One!

Three kids in three different schools poses challenges at times. Mainly, a lot of repeat type of events for each child's school: open houses, holiday parties, school pictures, fundraisers, and... Scholastic book fairs. Tonight we went to our first hotdog dinner and family book fair extravaganza at Avery's preschool. Ryan's elementary school has a very similar event going on next Friday complete with hotdogs and Scholastic books.

In order to keep our financial expenditures down a little, we have limited each child to one book per book fair. Ryan, of course, chose the Super Friends book, Emma selected a timely Christmas selection complete with puppies and kittens dressed in Santa costumes doing all kinds of things pets usually do: making toasts to the New Year, throwing on scarves and hats to go out in the cold and exchanging presents. Who knows, maybe that is what most people's pets do during the holidays but I can tell you Wish is lucky to have a jingle bell wrapped onto his collar. He gets so annoyed walking around with that thing on!

But I digress... Avery chose a Care Bears book. Except she didn't really select it herself. She walked around pulling books off the shelves looking through them and placing them back on the shelf. So we had to hurry her along. Every girl loves the Care Bears, right?

I'm already looking forward to our next Scholastic book fair!

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