Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing Queen

So Ryan has already been active in soccer, T-ball, swim lessons and an array of other camps, bible schools and groups that seemed important at the time. Now it is finally Emma's turn. I have been looking forward to the day when she would be old enough to start dance classes and guess is finally here! So she is registered at Stepping Out dance studio here in Lexington and is in a class of 3 year olds that learn ballet, tumbling and tap.
The morning before Emma was to start class I realized I needed to buy all of her dance tights, black leotard, ballet and tap shoes. After roaming around town hitting up Kmart and Target with no success, I realized I would need to find a dance store. After driving 30 minutes to the nearest dance store while the kids were all in school/preschool, I get there and am told that you cannot possibly buy dance shoes without the child there for proper fit. So of course being the mother that I am, I drove 30 minutes back home, picked up the girls from preschool and drove 30 minutes back to the dance store for proper measurements. $75.00 later with the perfect fitting dance shoes, we rush back home to greet Ryan off of his school bus.
That evening I take Emma (and the other two children) to her first dance class. She grudgingly walks in with the other little girls at the beginning of class, but as I look in to check in on her I notice she is standing in one place with the other little girls glancing over at her. The poor child got scared and started crying in the middle of ballet. They brought her out to the waiting room with me and I pleaded with her to give it another try. Finally I convinced her to go back in but I had to sit inside the dance room as well and watch from the side. She didn't do much during that first class but I am happy to report that she looks forward to going to dance every Thursday night and eagerly joins the others for dance instruction now. Thank goodness for that...I don't know if Michael would have let me live down the expense of a failed dance experience!

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