Friday, October 24, 2008

Baghead! Need I say more?

This is not Ryan's idea of a creative Halloween costume. Instead this is my boy getting fully involved in his love of reading. As I mentioned in a previous post, Ryan's school had their annual family book fair recently. The school always does a nice job of hosting authors to sign their books and talk to the kids. This year's guest was children's author Jarrett J. Krosoczka who happened to write the book titled...Can you guess it? Baghead!
Ryan loved reading the book so much he insisted on creating his own "baghead." After multiple trips to the grocery store, I finally remembered to ask for some brown paper bags for his design. He opted to follow the young character's simple design of eye and mouth holes and leave it at that.

Then Ryan announced, "I will be wearing this bag all of the time from now on. When I eat, go to school and even when I sleep."

I figured there was no point in arguing about that. If he wants to wear a bag over his head all of the time, no big deal. He'd get a few strange looks when we were out and about but I can handle that.

However, it never came to that. He enjoyed playing "baghead" for the afternoon and then the lovely mask was stowed away and hasn't made another appearance yet. "Yet" being the key word here. I figure we all have days where we want to place a bag over our head and go about our business.


jjk said...

HA! This is so cool! Would you mind if I posted this picture over at my blog?

I'm glad you all enjoyed BAGHEAD so much!


Jamey said...

Sure - Ryan would get a huge kick out of that! He throughly enjoyed the book "Baghead" and even takes time to read it to his friends.