Friday, October 24, 2008

We're back! This time with Emma's class.

Avery, Emma and I ventured back over to Harmon's farm again on Wednesday for Emma's 3-year-old preschool field trip. The preschool visits every year to ride the hayride, pick out a small pumpkin, have a snack and then return to the school.

Emma and her preschool class all rode the bus together over to the farm and Avery and I met them there. Emma's teacher Ms. Kim is in the front of the line in the blue jacket. Of course Emma is trailing behind the group wearing the pink jacket.

There were a few other school groups of kids there at the same time, so Emma's group killed a little time playing on the playground.

Eventually everyone squeezed onto the hayride truck and off we went for another spooky adventure.

Once we got to the pumpkin patch, all the kids were able to get off the truck and pick out their own small pumpkin to bring home. Emma is very proud of hers. It gets lugged around the house everywhere she goes. I'm just waiting for it to be dropped on the tile floor and SMACK, I'll have pumpkin goop all over my house!

This is Emma's preschool class gathered together. They are such a great bunch of little kids and get along very well. I didn't see any arguing, pushing, pulling, nothing while I was around them. Emma's other teacher, Ms. Christy is on a cruise this week with her husband so Ms. Rainey in the darker jacket has been their substitute teacher all week. She is such a nice lady.

After the hayride, the kids all got to gather around the picnic tables for a snack: chocolate animal crackers and juice boxes. Yum!

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LoraBB said...

I love love love the scary Spiderman scene! Your kids are too cute.