Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catch a ride with Farmer Ryan

Now that our children are completely addicted to hayrides...spooky hayrides at that...they are facing withdrawal symptoms. Last week Ryan and Emma decided to create their own spooky hayride with a little creativity. They filled the red wagon up with pine straw from our garden beds and staged very spooky scenes around the yard with Ryan's superhero toys.

Ryan tossed on his handmade farmer's hat, collected money from Emma, and off they went traveling by scary things like this...

A headless...repeat headless...Spiderman. Yikes! And if that weren't frightening enough, there was more to come. Like this...

Darth Vader and some superhero I am not very familiar with resting on the side of our house.

Then they took the trail to the backyard where Ryan had even more figures planted in our hammock and screened porch (I guess that is where the guests must exit for a moment.)

Emma seemed to pleased and felt she got her money's worth. I think Ryan has some bright business opportunities ahead of him. That's good. It's always nice to be a parent of a rich kid!

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Anonymous said...

Very well done, Ryan! Just imagine when the lawnmower finds that Spiderman head. Shazam!