Friday, October 17, 2008

Firemen, Puppet Shows and Avery...They Don't Mix

It is national fire prevention month and so each of the girls had special fire safety days at preschool where they get an exciting visit from the local firemen. Emma's school conducted their fire safety day last week and she was able to look around inside a fire truck and according to her, even inspect the underneath of the fire truck. A bunch of three-year-olds crawling under a large fire truck doesn't sound safe to me but sometimes Emma exaggerates a little so who really knows what happened that afternoon. I can tell you she learned a song that she still sings in the car called "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" and basically the fireman hurry, hurry, hurries to drive the truck, climb the ladder and squirt the water. O.K. that was Emma's fire experience.

Avery's was much more traumatic. Her preschool had their visit from the local firemen this week and when I went to pick her up for the day all of the little 18 month-2 year-olds were wearing these adorable Dalmatian fire hats that they had made earlier that day. They even used their own fingerprints to make the dots on the Dalmatian ears. So cute!

When I inquired about the day's events Avery's teacher, Ms. Susan, started frowning and explained they never even made it to the firetruck. I immediately assumed it was because of the loud sirens and was telling her about Emma's experience and how loud she thought it was. No wonder little ones didn't want to see the truck. But that wasn't it. Nope, they were afraid of the puppets in the puppet show! All but two kids in the class ran screaming to their teachers (she was quick to tell me Avery was one of the screamers.) So they took the little ones out to play on the playground instead. So much for "stop, drop and roll." Maybe next year. But doesn't she look cute in her little fire hat?

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