Monday, October 13, 2008

Ooooo...We got BOOED!

Each year around Halloween in our neighborhood, neighbors start "booing" each other. It's basically a Secret Santa type activity where you put together little Halloween treats, a copy of the poster for the front door and instructions on how to keep it going so everyone gets "booed" by Halloween.

On Saturday night after our busy excursion to the Crab Shack, we put the kids down for the night and came back downstairs to relax. Michael was watching football (go figure) and I was playing around on the computer (go figure) when our doorbell rang. Even though our computer is literally right next to the front door, I just sat there trying to figure out who would be ringing our doorbell that late. Most of our friends know to knock since the kids are all in bed. Michael finally opens the door and just stands there. Eventually he comes back inside and announces "We've been booed."

Our secret "booer" obviously knew us and our kids since they had wrapped individual goody bags of candy for each child. Sunday after church the kids enjoyed another tea party/picnic lunch out on the screened porch. As desert, they got to break into their bags of candy.

Ryan ate his candy while he kicked back on the phone talking to his cousin Hannah. Thanks for calling Hannah! Now it is our turn to "boo" two of our other neighbors...Ooooo...SCARY!

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