Monday, December 15, 2008

Go Tigers!

Michael and Ryan drove to Clemson this past Saturday for Clemson's basketball game against South Carolina State (I think...) Although Ryan was a little resistant about making the trip and attending the game, I explained that it was a junk food connoisseur's paradise with cheese nachos, popcorn, soda and hot dogs all at your finger tips. This seemed to inspire him a little bit and so off they went.

Ryan enjoyed the basketball game although from what I understand, he talked most of the way through it, annoying other spectators during the game. Very surprising indeed!

He came home with all sorts of goodies from his travels as well. Like this big foam hand. Every kid needs one of those.

But the big purchase was this Clemson football uniform complete with jersey, pants, helmet and even shoulder pads.

Ryan was anxious to try it out, so Sunday afternoon he put the gear on and tossed around the football. I'm sure he'll have fun with it for awhile and make his Dad proud. But when it comes to dreams of actually playing a game of football with other people... Ryan is always quick to make his Mom proud saying, "I'm not playing football! Those guys get hurt out there!"

That's my boy!!!

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LoraBB said...

I'll let this slide, but only because he's adorable! We missed you last weekend!