Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Ryan!

Ryan's 7th birthday was a week ago today - January 8th. Thursday's are always an extra busy day for us between the girls' preschool, Ryan's school, and Emma's dance class in the evening. On top of that, Michael had to work much later than usual last week so all three of the kids were dragged along to dance class. Let me tell you, that is not anything I would wish on my worse enemy. Headache, headache, headache!

Anyway you do what you got to do, so off we all went and so Ryan's special day was made. I had told them that if they behaved during dance class, we could go eat inside McDonalds. INSIDE!!! That is a big deal for my kids because it is such a pain to drag them all inside and try and get them to eat when they just want to run around and play on the new play equipment. But it was Ryan's special day.

Unfortunately, Ryan did not behave during dance class so there was no visiting the inside of McDonalds that evening. We went through the drive-through and were told that they ran out of apple dippers to boot. Ryan doesn't eat French fries so this was not good news.

Once we got home things got better and we were able to enjoy our gourmet birthday meal and celebrate with cupcakes and ice cream.

And he opened a few birthday presents. Notice Emma had to put her tiera on for the special occasion.

So that was last Thursday, his actual birthday. But then we had another little celebration for him on Saturday. Ryan decided he would like to visit the Children's Museum (I will share some pictures from that next) and we were able to meet up with Papa and Nana and Grandma and Grandpa for lunch that afternoon. Once we got home, Ryan got to make another wish, enjoy another cake and open a few more presents.

He chose a Batman themed cake this year.

And here he is blowing out the candles once more. All in all, I think he had a good birthday! It is hard for me to believe I have a 7 year old son - but I'll just keep putting that out of my mind. No need to dwell on the fact that I'm getting old - ugh!

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