Friday, December 5, 2008

Ryan and Emma's School Thanksgiving Feasts

Ryan and Emma's school classes both had Thanksgiving activities that were held a few days before Thanksgiving. Ryan's first grade class held a very traditional meal of turkey and ham sandwiches, corn, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and for dessert...pumpkin and apple pie. I volunteered to help with the set up and serving during their mealtime (the ugly side to being a stay-at-home mom - I always feel guilty if I don't volunteer for every activity that comes along!)

Emma was in preschool that day but I had to bring Avery along with me. Boy, was that a mistake! As I was trying to help dish out plates of food before the kids came into the classroom to eat, Avery was walking around pulling everyone's crayons out of boxes and was coloring all over the tablecloth paper. Once she saw the food that was being ladled out, she sat in another student's seat just waiting to be served her plate. I must say she was very patient waiting for her plate of food. However, once she saw that she didn't have one...let's just say her ugly side made an appearance.

Luckily, Ryan is a good big brother and he let her pull up a seat next to him and shared some food with her. So you can see in the above photo, Avery eating a Thanksgiving meal with the first graders. But isn't that the whole point of the holiday anyway? Pilgrims and Indians...two-year-olds and six-year-olds mixing together?

Emma's preschool had a special Thanksgiving celebration for the three-year-old classes and their parents. The kids sang several Thanksgiving themed songs for everyone - one of which was called "Five Fat Turkeys Are We." I have this song memorized as well now since Emma enjoyed singing that one all the way home from preschool each day.

After the music portion, everyone sat down to eat the "Blessing Soup" that supposedly, the three-year-olds helped prepare. Emma was one of the few children there that actually ate the soup. Very impressive but I've always known Emma's got a quirky side. I don't know where she gets that from.

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