Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wiggles Fan #3

I don't know what it is about my kids and The Wiggles. If you aren't familiar with The Wiggles Australian children's group you can read up on the website: Basically, it is a four man group that sing and dance and have many catchy songs that have reverberated off my walls off and on over the past six years or so.

Ryan started The Wiggles fascination and was a loyal groupie until he was about four or so. He had the "Murray" guitar, the "Murray" doll, and about every Wiggles video and DVD I could get my hands on. He even had little Wiggles fan friends that got together and danced while watching Wiggles movies.

I actually thought Emma was going to skip the entire Wiggles phase entirely because she didn't show any interest until she was around two (trust me, it hit Ryan very early in life!) But she eventually noticed The Wiggles and we made our second concert rendezvous to see The Wiggles in person (complete with roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and dog bones for Wags the Dog.)

Now it is Avery who has found The Wiggles. Avery doesn't care much for T.V. and that is just fine with me. But lately when The Wiggles show comes on Disney, she gets so excited and starts jumping up and down. So I pulled out one of the old DVDs from years ago and put it on.

She danced, she clapped, she ran circles around the room. She loves The Wiggles! The funny thing still holds Emma and even Ryan's attention!

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