Monday, March 2, 2009

A Charlie Brown Snow Day

Wow! Taking a look at this picture taken this morning you can see why all of our area schools (and some government offices) are closed today. Once again, the hoopla of predicted snow fall caused a massive panic and now we get to spend a day out of school with dreams of our coming make-up day in the future.

I know school systems have to make these decisions for the safety of all schools located within the district and sometimes it affects a few schools and sometimes (in our case) none. I remember growing up in Iowa where snow was a regular occurrence from the months of November through March. We would never get excited about the possibility of a snow day even AFTER it starting coming down until it started banking up and you knew buses would have difficulty getting through on the roads. It just wasn't unusual to walk to school in a foot of snow in your snow boots while carrying your tennis shoes in your school bag. I'll never forget arriving at the elementary school and stopping in the foyer and trying to locate a dry spot on the floor so I could go through the ritual of changing from wet snow boots to tennis shoes. Nothing like starting your school day off cold and wet and slipping and sliding down the hallways from all of the melted snow!

Anyway, it was much different when I grew up and we spent snow days outside building snow tunnels in the banks of snow and pretending we were Eskimos from a long time ago. We generally would come back inside for lunch and then again for dinner. Sometimes we would take a break in the afternoon just to try and dry our hats, scarves and gloves by the floor heaters for a little while before we headed back outside.

So what do kids in the south do on their "snow" days you might wonder? I took a few pictures this morning to share of my kids enjoying their day off.

Well, first of all they get to dress themselves. Emma elected to wear a unique combination of brown dress and pink tights underneath a black short sleeved leotard and completed the ensemble off with black dress shoes.

Ryan took a different route and just decided not to get dressed. Here he is playing the Wii in his pajamas. Excellent!

And the two girls spent their morning in Emma's playhouse.

They moved half of Emma's toys into the small one-room home and took turns taking "naps", enjoying tea at table and chairs, and constantly coming in and out of the little door.

And that is our "snow" day morning. Right now the girls are trying to feed their stuffed puppy dogs real dog food which I am sure Wish is not amused with. I can't wait to clean up that mess!

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