Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coupon Organization At Last!

I have been getting my coupons organized in the style fashioned after the Frugal Coupon Mom. I purchased this notebook from Target (on clearance of course!) and three hole punched my newspaper coupon inserts - Red Plum, Proctor and Gamble, and the Smart Source insert after dating each one from newest to oldest.

Because we do eat out at least once a week and I am always rummaging around in our junk drawer for loose restaurant coupons at the last minute, I decided to dedicate one side of the notebook to just restaurant coupons. No more pulling out outdated, wrinkled up coupons from six months ago. I can just grab my notebook and we can head out the door!

I labeled each of my envelopes to organize individual store coupons and am finding I need to make a few more for stores I didn't think of before: Target, Rite Aid, etc. I then have one larger envelope for general manufacturer coupons.

In the very back of the notebook there is one more pocket so I decided to dedicate that section to all other general store coupons for things like hair cut coupons, magazine coupons, shoe stores, on-line stores, toy get the idea.

Everything is in one place now and it does make life much easier.

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