Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ding Dong My Dryer Died (again...)

We obviously do a lot of washing and drying of clothing in our household and it will be picking up even more once baby #4 makes his or her appearance.

A few months ago my classically styled dryer (do you like that...classically styled...meaning dinged up, top loading, two cycle choice, and Fat Albert sticker covered) stopped drying for me and we ventured out to the stores, pricing various washers and dryers. We really didn't want to spend that kind of money and Michael was able to replace the heating element in the dryer after carrying it out to the garage and completely dismantling it (no easy feat there.)

The dryer was obviously ready to be laid to rest because it stopped drying once again and I ended up with three huge heaps of wet clothes sitting around my house this weekend. Please don't ask me how I could possibly end up with three loads of clothing wet before realizing the dryer wasn't working - I realize it is rather pathetic. But in my defense, it sometimes took several dry cycles to completely dry clothing and I just didn't count on it completely giving out on me again already.

This tragedy quickly turned to triumph as we packed all of the kids up in the mini-van and once again, ventured out (in the pouring rain might I add) to shop for washers and dryers (no need to have a non-matching set at this point plus the top loading washer gets very difficult for a pregnant woman to navigate the bigger she gets.)

We were able to get these beauties at a great price since the store had ordered too many in blue and had them marked down! Yea!!! I had SO wanted a colored washer and dryer (again, I realize this is pathetic in the whole scheme of things.) But it was basically the same price as the white ones. I am obviously thrilled about these new purchases. They just arrived this afternoon and I am happy to say that I have already completed THREE loads of wash - something that would have normally taken me a good part of the day to finish! And the stinky wet clothes are once again clean. Hurray!

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