Sunday, March 1, 2009

Emma's New Dance Leg Warmers

As I have mentioned before, Emma takes dance class every Thursday evening and a good part of the class requires the girls to be on the floor for one reason or another. They do a tumbling portion and when waiting for their turn on the mat, they sit on the floor.

Well, after every dance class Emma would come home with dirty, snagged pink tights. I tried to wash them but it just wasn't working. I ended making a visit each week to Target to buy new tights which was starting to add up and not fitting in very well with my new goal of trying to save money.

After voicing my concern to the other mothers in the dance class, I decided I would just have to try to find someone selling pink tights in bulk quantities on E-Bay. And then I saw these...the pink leg warmers at Target (where I had gone to purchase new tights.)

The answer to my prayers! Emma loves her new pony polka dot leg warmers and they cover her legs enough to keep the tights clean and snag-free. Now I just have to figure out what to do once the temperature rises. I'm not sure leg warmers are the coolest thing to wear in 90 degree weather!

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