Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emma's Birthday Photos

I'm a little slow getting these photos from Emma's birthday posted but better late than never, right? She had a low key birthday evening with presents and cake. She had asked for a Dora themed cake, but after calling around I just didn't want to drop $20-$30 on a sheet cake for the five of us. I had to get a little creative and the cake pictured above is the result.

Although the decorating leaves much to be desired, the cake itself turned out yummy! I made a chocolate cake recipe that I found online and it turned out so moist and delicious. I think I single-handedly finished off most of the cake! To see the recipe, click here:

Her cousin Hannah made a beautiful card to go along with the birthday present that is now hanging on our refrigerator. Thanks Hannah!

Emma received several new Leapster games which she was thrilled about. Previously, she only had one game that was a hand-me-down from Ryan.

She also received a new swim baby that swims in the bathtub - so now Swim Puppy will no longer be lonely. She received lots of new baby doll clothes so all of her babies are being well dressed these days. She also got an adorable new dress which she wore to school the very next day.

And she also received a monogrammed beach towel in her favorite color (pink!). This beach towel was very exciting to Emma and it spent a number of evenings on her bed before I finally persuaded her to pack it away for upcoming pool/beach days.

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