Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monkey Joes

Last Friday Michael took half a day off of work and we pulled Ryan out of school an hour early and made our way to Greenville to meet up with Michael's parents..aka Papa and Nana.

We met up at Monkey Joes - another indoor kids' play area with the giant blowup jumpy things. We have a Monkey Joes that is currently in the process of being constructed right down the road from us. Emma has been so excited about their opening and always comments on it each time we drive by.
All three of the kids loved the giant slide and Emma spent a good portion of time just climbing and sliding down. Avery loved it too, but she was a little too small to climb up by herself. So she enlisted the help of her father.

As you can see from the above photo, he was loving the slide!

Ryan made a friend while we were there and the two basically ran around together the entire time.

After a lack of (or in Emma's case, shortened) naps and an hour's worth of running and playing hard, we decided to take them out to eat in a restaurant. Not one of our brightest moments as it wasn't exactly the most relaxed meal for any of us!

However, the kids enjoyed themselves and I'm sure we will be frequenting our local Monkey Joes during the coming hot summer days.

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