Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great (and not so great) consignment buys!

Two weeks ago I participated in a local children's consignment show called Belles and Beaus. This was the second time I had consigned clothing in the sale but I have shopped the sale numerous times (since Emma was a baby).

When you consign your children's items you get to attend a special early shopping night held before the general public is allowed to shop. This is a nice bonus since you get first dibs on some of the nicer items. Although they sell everything from clothing, toys, bedding, movies, etc., I usually stick to shopping for next season's kids' clothing (in this case, spring and summer.)

The adorable little red sailor dress Avery has on in the first picture was one of my great deals. The dress was $3 and is in perfect condition. For that price, I figured she could wear a pair of white bloomers underneath and play in it. And when she wore it recently on a warm day, it looked so cute on her!

And then there is this great deal...

I saw this orange knit shirt and blue jean short combo on the rack for $4 or $5 dollars and thought, "What a deal!" And as an extra bonus - the top was orange! Perfect for warm Clemson football Saturdays.

What I didn't realize until I put the outfit on Emma last weekend, was that the top is midriff style and is cut off a little short. This makes it an unflattering look for a four-year-old whose belly I am not ready to see hanging out from under clothing. Uggghhh!

Seriously, who dresses their four-year-old like that? On purpose?!? So I guess the little orange top will have to reside as an around-the-house play top or hide underneath buttoned up cardigan sweaters. Oh well - so much for that great deal!

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