Monday, March 30, 2009

Jesus is in my heart

As I have mentioned before, we are dealing with some restless and overly tired children lately as we try to get Emma and Avery adapted to sleeping in the same room together. As it goes every night, we put them in the same room and after numerous visits to remind them that it is time to go to sleep, eventually Avery gets bumped out of the room and placed back in her crib.

So the other night I went upstairs because I heard Avery screaming in her crib after Michael had moved her. Somehow she had managed to turn on her overhead light and was being kept awake. Once we got the light switched off, all was well with her and I was heading back down the stairs.

Then I heard a little whimpering voice coming from Emma's room. I went in to check on her and she said she couldn't sleep because she was scratchy. I told her that it was just the fabric from her pajamas and she needed to close her eyes and get some sleep.

That's when she changed directions and asked, "Mommy, who is in our hearts?"

I answered, "Jesus, honey. Jesus is in our hearts."

She replied, "Is Jesus trying to scratch His way out of my heart?"

I hadn't seen that one coming so I laughed and explained the best that I could that Jesus' love was in our hearts and the scratching was her pajamas rubbing against her skin, not anything else.

That seemed to satisfy her because she finally fell asleep.

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