Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Etsy Purchase

As I had previously mentioned, you can find many adorable things on Etsy that benefit Cora's Playground project. Last night, I was browsing through the many items available and came upon these cute hair clips. They came in a set of five and with their primary colors being brown, pink and green, they were perfect for matching up with most of Emma and Avery's wardrobe.

Both girls wear hair clips or hair bows every day and of course, they magically disappear on a regular basis. I'm sure if I emptied the girls' car seats a little more often I would find a hair clip graveyard hidden underneath the crumbs of chicken nuggets and French fries.

Anyway, they were well needed and I was excited to help in a small way towards Cora's Playground.
Cora's mother, Jessica, and her grandmother just opened their own Etsy store and let me just say, their items are beautiful. Their "Cora" dress is created from the top part of a onesie and the buttons and fabric just make the dress adorable. They quickly sold out of all items but I will be keeping an eye out for new items in the near future. To see their store, click on this link...

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