Friday, March 20, 2009

Tea Party for Two

This is one of my girls' favorite activities - having tea parties. After much spilled water all over the bedroom carpet and bathroom, I've had to mandate that all tea parties occur downstairs in the kitchen. This way I can keep an eye on the amount of water that is being poured and provide quick and easy clean-up for the accidental tea messes.

The girls can just sit at their little table forever, pouring and drinking "tea." It is one easy way to keep them hydrated I suppose.

On another note, I know it seems like I spend infinitely more time photographing and posting about the girls and poor Ryan gets left out of the picture much of the time. I feel bad but I spend a lot of alone time with the girls during the day (while Ryan is at school) and it is so easy to snap pictures then. However, I am going to make it one of my goals this weekend to get some good pics of Ryan. We'll see what we come up with!

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