Friday, April 24, 2009

Dance recital pictures

Emma's dance recital is coming up at the end of May. May 23rd to be exact. Although I am not sure of recital times (her dance newsletter just says that recital performances will be all day that Saturday), I am guessing her age group will be one of the first going on that morning.

Everyone is invited to attend her recital. We had to pay a recital fee and in exchange, we can invite as many people as we would like. So...if you would like to come just drop me an e-mail and I'll get tickets to you once I have them.

If you have never attended a dance recital before, let me just say that the youngest groups are generally hilarious. Not to make fun of them, but at that age they don't really know what they are doing on stage so some of them will be standing around staring out at the crowd, some will just plop down on stage and others will be dancing their little hearts out. It's been years since I have attended one but I have laughed so hard I was crying watching the little ones!

All that aside, I hope Emma learns her routines and does what she is supposed to on stage. But let's just say I am preparing myself for all possibilities.

Emma's dance class took their recital pictures last night. Since she is taking a combination ballet and tap class, she gets to be in two different dances. For ballet, they are dancing to "Mary Has a Little Lamb" and for tap, they are performing to "Lollipop." The picture at the very top is Emma in her lamb costume minus the headpiece. They are really cute costumes. I think even cuter up close.

And here we have her tap costume for "Lollipop." These costumes are adorable as well as you can see. Everyone had to wear their hair up in a bun for photos and put on a little make-up. So we had our first "home beauty salon" playtime last evening while I attempted to make her hair into a presentable bun and put eye-liner on my four-year-old. The eye-liner did not go over well with her so we opted for a little mascara instead!

Mark your calendars and join us for the big recital day if you can. It should be fun!

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