Friday, April 17, 2009

Emma's passion for "crafting"

Emma has developed a new hobby. It is a hobby that she calls "crafting." Basically, it consists of scissors, glue and several sheets of white paper.

She cuts out minuscule pieces of paper, lathers glue all over another page of paper and then proceeds to stick these tiny pieces of paper all over the place. Of course it takes several hours to dry the amount of glue she places on a page!

Unfortunately, yesterday's "crafting" experience was cut short due to the fact that she went through the entire bottle of glue. Since then she has been begging me to go to the store and buy her more.

On the plus side, this new favorite activity is not extremely messy (she stays seated at the table), she hasn't yet used the scissors to cut her own hair, and it can keep her preoccupied for quite some time. However, I think we may try a glue stick for our future "crafting" projects.

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