Friday, April 10, 2009

An early visit from the Easter Bunny

While we were busy picking strawberries at The Patch, we had an early visitor stop by our house with some goodies.

The kids got back home and went to sit down at the kitchen table for lunch and guess who had stopped by?!? The Easter Bunny had made an early visit with letters for each of them and a special DVD for them to watch in preparation of Easter Sunday.

Ryan's letter explained the history of early Easter traditions and how we remember Easter as the time of Christ's resurrection.

The VeggieTales "An Easter Carol" movie points out that Easter is much more than just candy and decorated eggs. The movie explains why Christians all around the world celebrate Easter Sunday in a unique take on Dickens' Christmas classic. Hope the Angel shows Bob and Larry the true meaning of Easter by taking them on a tour of the past, present and future.

The kids are very excited about Easter and the Easter Bunny's visit, but they will appreciate it so much more with a better explanation of why we celebrate Easter in such a big way. They need to know that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us and we celebrate in His resurrection.

Of course, Emma still assumed that the Easter Bunny had left some hidden eggs as well and started her search underneath chairs and couches for the coveted chocolate!

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