Monday, April 13, 2009

Our church Easter egg hunt

Saturday afternoon our church had their annual Easter egg hunt. Father Bob kicked off the event with prayer and the blessing of the children's Easter baskets with holy water as seen in the above photo.

They had a special area reserved for children 2 years and under so Avery and other small ones were able to get their fill of Easter eggs too.

Like most of the other smaller children, Avery would find an egg and then immediately sit down to find out what was hidden inside it.

Ryan and Emma took to the big field together in their search for eggs. They had eggs and candy scattered everywhere. The kids were also told that there were a few golden eggs to be found with a ticket inside for a special prize.

Ryan decided his strategy would be to pick up loose candy and yellow colored eggs only in hopes of winning the prized golden egg. At the end of the hunt, he sadly did not find a golden egg, however, he racked up at least a dozen Fun Dips.

Even the Easter Bunny was on hand for pictures!

Avery scored this popcorn ball shaped like an egg and as you can see, wasted no time digging into her loot.

Ryan with his many Fun Dip packages and yellow eggs.

Of course, I made another attempt to get a photo of the three kids together at the end of the egg hunt. Avery was too distracted by the candy in her basket to bother with a photo but at least Ryan and Emma gave it a try!

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