Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Day

As I previously mentioned, I took many pictures on Easter day! Here are a few that kind of highlight our Easter day together.

Of course the first thing the kids did was race down the stairs to their Easter baskets to see if the Easter Bunny had paid them a visit. Avery looks a little out of it still as she digs through her basket in the photo above!
The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over our downstairs so they had their own Easter egg hunt around the house searching for eggs and candy.

Ryan looking for hidden eggs...

... and examining what the Easter Bunny had left in his basket!

Then it was time to get everyone ready and out of the house for church. We arrived at the church about 45 minutes early so that we could get seats. We have stood it out before but it was not something I was about to do pregnant this year!

Emma dressed in her Easter dress.

Ryan in his Easter clothes.

Michael and the kids after church Easter afternoon.

After pictures were taken, the kids once again raced to their Easter baskets and raided the candy. They all decided to get out their big chocolate bunny which I thought was interesting. When I was a child the Easter Bunny quite often left a big chocolate bunny in our baskets. It was always the last thing I ate because I hated to ruin the bunny! Obviously, that was not a factor with my three kids because they dug in head and ears first!

Avery admiring her bunny before eating...

Emma admiring her chocolate bunny before eating...

...and Ryan eating his chocolate bunny.

After devouring plenty of chocolate, the girls finally went down for naps. After naptime, they were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Emma pushed Avery on the swing for awhile.

The girls played with their new garden tools that the Easter Bunny had left them and Ryan watched his new movie and that was our Easter day.
We fixed dinner at home and I took a few pictures so I'll share that in my next post.

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