Friday, June 5, 2009

100 book club and poetry reading

Last Friday Michael attended Lake Murray Elementary's celebration for all the children who had completed the 100 Book Club this year. You can see Ryan in the picture above smiling in the middle of the pack of kids.

Each child wore their 100 Book Club t-shirts that they had received on completion of the program and stood in line to be recognized for their efforts and presented with a certificate.

Here is a picture of Ryan receiving his certificate from his school principal, Mrs. Boyleston and his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Hubbard, is standing next to her looking on.

After the 100 Book Club celebration, all parents from Ryan's class were invited back to the classroom to watch each child recite a poem that they wrote, autograph their personal poems which had been placed in a book format and enjoy a few refreshments.

Above, Ryan and his friend Alex proudly show off their poem pages in the book the class created.

Here are the two poems Ryan wrote for the class:

"Super Heroes"

Super heroes are awesome.
Super heroes have powers.
Super heroes are cool and
They have secret identities.
Super heroes are awesome.
Are you one?

Mom is cool.
Mom is nice
And sweet!

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