Monday, June 15, 2009

Corpus Christi annual church picnic

Every June our church holds their annual church picnic to mark the "Feast of Corpus Christi." There are rides, slides, water, food, karaoke and you can always count on the heat.

Every family is asked to bring a potluck dish to share and hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, BBQ and drinks are provided.

Here is one view of the slides and rides setup...

And here is a view of the numerous tents and tables set up for people to lounge and eat out of the direct sun.

I believe this is our fourth year attending the picnic (we missed at least one year due to a vacation scheduled during the same time.) It is amazing to me how much it has grown throughout the years. I remember how in awe I was at the first picnic because of the vast amount of food and drinks provided. And then each year they kept adding more...the bouncy houses, the snowcone and popcorn vendors and eventually the rides.

One thing that has remained throughout the years is the swim and sand area pictured above. Of course the little ones love to spend all of their time digging in the sand, placing the sand in the pools set up and getting muddy. So due to the fact that you are going to face a large challenge keeping your children clean, it just makes sense to send them to the picnic in their bathing suits.

Of course our children take full advantage of the all-you-can-eat junk food. Plus it is so darned hot out, you can't help but gravitate towards the icy treats. They each had at least three snow cones during the course of the afternoon.

Ryan isn't so entertained by the water and sand area anymore so he spent most of his time running around, playing in the jump houses and participating in the games.

Here is Emma on the caterpillar ride that is basically like a train that takes the kids around the track a few times.

Even Ryan enjoyed the caterpillar ride. I tried twice to get Avery on the ride, but twice she started crying and insisted on getting off the ride at the last moment.

Snowcone number 2? Or 3?

They also had popcorn...yum!

We all had a nice time, but I must say I am looking forward to NOT being pregnant during the picnic next year. I can't even count how many people commented on how miserable I must be due to my "condition." I find it humorous how many people like to tell their stories of misery during summer pregnancies. What is even more humorous is the fact I used to tell people how much I was looking forward to being pregnant in the summer time. I thought, hotter weather, fewer layers of clothes, the better I would look and feel. Now I get it!

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