Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pool days

We finally made it to our neighborhood pool Sunday evening. Between the baby pool being out of commission for awhile, all three of my children being very novice swimmers and me being rather pregnant, it hasn't been a priority for me recently.

Since Michael was home and we had spent a long day out in the sun, a little pool time seemed like a good idea. Emma was very timid in the water and the polar opposite of her sister. Avery kept asking us to let go of her so she "could do it by herself." She just didn't understand the concept that she would more than likely sink than swim if left by herself. The good thing, though, is that she is very comfortable in the water and I am thinking she is going to need swim lessons sooner than later.

I plan on starting Ryan and Emma in swim lessons in the next week or so after we get back from our trip to the mountains. Once they get a few basic swim concepts down maybe I'll feel more comfortable taking them to the pool by myself. Right now three flailing kids in the water (one of which is insistant on swimming alone) is not my idea of pleasant pool time.

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