Monday, August 24, 2009

Eden Presley at 1 month

Well, an entire month has flown by since Eden was born! I am totally copying ideas I have seen on other blogs where moms document each month with a picture and the date, but I thought the idea was cute and would make it easy to pull pictures for her baby book.

Eden still generally sleeps a good part of the day in between feedings and diaper changes, however today has been the exception to the norm. She has been awake A LOT today and has been wanting to eat all of the time! I am guessing maybe she is going through another growing spell.

So we put on one of our cute outfits that we haven't worn before and took a bath to pose for a few pictures.

And in between picture time, Eden enjoyed her swing. This is by far her favorite activity so far! Notice in the picture how she is staring up at the corner of the swing? She just stares trying to figure out where the music is coming from!

Of course, she has been modeling all of her hats, flowers and bows lately. She seems to like the hats more than the hairbows right now.

Her brother and sisters are still doting on their newest sibling. They all take time to give her sweet kisses and hugs. They haven't show any animosity towards her at all (yet!) and are just really fantastic helping out with Eden.

So you know I am not completely Eden focused, here are a few photos of what her big brother and sisters have been up to today.

Ryan came home from school put on this "Indiana Jones" get-up and decided he is selling movie tickets (he stars in the flick as well) for $.01.

Emma and Avery enjoyed tuna fish sandwiches for lunch today. Am I the only person that thinks that is weird? I just didn't realize small children generally appreciate tuna fish at an early age.

Anyway, Emma wanted her picture taken with her dog.

And this is the face Avery makes when she wants to give you a kiss! I'm not sure exactly where she picked up the fish kiss face but there you have it.

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