Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A tomato's life cut short

I learned earlier this year that Emma was a raw tomato eater. Once I picked up that tidbit of information, I quickly determined that growing a tomato plant would be a fun activity for us this summer (even though I do not eat raw tomatoes). We purchased a plant and potted it in a container in our backyard. We finally have a few tomatoes popping up and we had one small tomato that was actually ready for picking.

Emma did the honor of picking the first tomato since it has been considered "her tomato plant" from the start.

And wa-laa...our first homegrown tomato! I was looking forward to serving it on a salad for dinner or something like that. Unfortunately the tomato met an early demise at the hands of Avery. As she and Emma were playing on the porch today, the tomato was too tempting and Avery decided to take a little bite out of the new tomato sitting on the ledge.

At least one person in our family was able to enjoy the fruit of our tomato labor!

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