Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eden's busy day

So I honestly have been trying to take more pictures of Eden to get posted out here. It just seems like I can never find the time. So here we go...

These pretty much document a typical day in the life of Eden Presley. She hangs out in a number of baby contraptions when she isn't being held (which is pretty much all of the time!). She enjoys her car seat for a little while, moves on over to the bouncy seat for a bit, then maybe the Moses basket and every brief moment here and there, she lounges in her crib.

I took these pictures of Eden napping the other day and thought they were cute. There just isn't anything as sweet as a sleeping newborn!

As you can see, Eden's life is already very exciting! And you can count on many more pictures of sleeping babies to come!

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Deron and Tina said...

You are such a great mom! My blog is so out of date, Rachael is getting on me to update.

Eden is beautiful. The other kids are going to be such a big help.