Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sister, sister

These two girls are quite tight nowadays. They eat together, play together and now with the addition of Eden...share a bedroom together.

Emma attended one of her first birthday parties last Saturday at Monkey Joes and came home with all kinds of goodies, several that she is modeling in the photo above. She insisted on taking a picture of her in her new monkey mask posing with Avery afterwards.

And this is what they do on an almost daily basis...Dress up in princess clothes and swing on their tummies.

They can entertain themselves for quite a long time doing this...

Especially Avery. You will catch her running out to the swings by herself and just swinging around on her belly for an hour or so.

The two of them definitely have their mean sisterly moments where they pull each others hair or scratch one another, but it is sweet to see them interact together nicely on a daily basis.

I look forward to several years down the road when Eden will be joining in on the fun. It should be quite a sight watching the three little girls playing together as they get older.

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