Friday, August 14, 2009

Sitting pretty

Emma is participating in her dance studio's Nutcracker this December and had a costume fitting this afternoon. She is going to be a mouse this year.

Anyway, her dance studio is located right next to Doodlebugs, a local children's boutique in Lexington and they were holding their end of summer sidewalk sale today. So we stopped by to see if they had any good deals going on.

Oh my goodness! They had all of their gift items and the rest of their summer clothing marked 75% off regular price! Needless to say, I am a sucker and so I snatched up all kinds of things for the girls wardrobe for next summer.

I was able to find matching Kate Mack swim suits for all three girls (in three different styles) which I was very excited about. The price was the best - I paid $12.50 for each bathing suit (normally $50)!

I also picked up a couple of cute outfits for Eden to wear during the rest of the warm months and of course had to immediately change her into something new once we got home to take a few pictures.

Hence, the mini-photography session pictured above. These were three of the best pictures from the 4o-something I snapped today! And Eden played along pretty well and I was able to take some pics without witnessing a meltdown on her part.

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