Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eden is two months!

Eden is two months old today! It was a very exciting day for her as she had her 2 month appointment with the doctor and the pleasure of receiving three shots. She HATED the shots today and screamed like I have never heard her before, poor thing!

We put on her very special dress that Aunt Kassi made for her as baptismal present (she was baptized last Sunday and I will eventually get some pictures of the event out here.) Isn't the dress beautiful?!? I am amazed about such talent - thank you Aunt Kassi for the very beautiful dress!

I had ordered this white organza bow for her baptism and although I was looking for something biggish - this bow was much larger than I had bargained for! So I thought we'd try it out today and let everyone have a good laugh at her oversized bow. It's bigger than her head! It would look appropriate if she were dressed like a Christmas present.

Anyway, the details about Eden at two months...She weighs in now at a healthy (or hefty) 12.28 lbs and is in the 85.99% for her age. She is 23.25 inches in length and again leads the pack of baby girls by falling in at 83.3%. Her head circumference is where we need to work (I kid of course). She is in the 33.84% since her head is only 15 inches in circumference. It's interesting to compare each of the children in our family though. Avery's head circumference was always in the huge category!

Eden continues to be such a sweet baby and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

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